Continuous development

We want to value each person’s role, regardless of their duties. That is the reason why we have created a programme to promote the continuous development of our human resources - the Horizontes Programme.

The Horizontes Programme offers all our employees the opportunity to participate in external training courses, conferences and other initiatives, as well as in internal training courses, from which we highlight the Product, Process and Control Workshop.

We believe that stimulating each person’s individual interests and ensuring they have a thorough understanding of the business will allow us to achieve better results.

We also recognize new ideas and encourage people to think differently. We award the “Riopele Innovation Prize” every year and host regular recognition sessions.

Traineeship programmes

At Riopele we believe in the importance of traineeship programmes. We know that we play a relevant role in the integration of young people into the labour market and in the creation of job opportunities.

We have been establishing protocols with educational institutions and participating in governmental programmes. We promote curricular and professional traineeships every year, which cover all our business areas.

Our traineeship programmes offer a rich and rewarding professional experience in the textile and fashion industry. Our trainees work in projects that have a real impact, being fully integrated into a team and having the opportunity to show their potential and worth.