A team of over 1000 amazing people.

At Riopele we promote an inclusive and horizontal culture, where people come first and allow us to stand out in the market.

We have a 90-year-old legacy and rely on a team of more than 1000 amazing people. Our company has a passion for the textile and fashion industry, underpinned by a low employee turnover rate and a constant effort to attract and retain young talents.

We strive to inspire the creativity of the world’s leading fashion houses and brands. Our dedication to influencing trends and shaping the fashion of the present and the future is felt across the entire organization.

Riopele treats people with respect and dignity, ensuring equal opportunities and treatment for everyone, regardless of their origin.

We implement the best business practices while ensuring good working conditions. These measures include special occupational health policies, the payment of childcare allowance to parents of children up to six years of age, life insurance for all employees, among others.

Above all, we want to build a company where people can pursue meaningful careers.