In the beginning was the Loom

The Loom

In the darkness of a tiny mill on the banks of the Pele River in 1927, the beginning of everything was woven into the weft of a loom.

On closer inspection, beyond its unstoppable noise, the loom proved to be the unexpected builder of worlds, stories and chimeras.

As a symbol of cosmic creation, ancient mythology saw the loom as the strange and wondrous structure where fate was woven.

Here and there, they saw a fully realised future waiting for them from the perpetual beat of the loom. From the adventure of the thread on the loom subtly emerges, as in a night sky, the constellation of potential tomorrows, hypothetical images and prophecies of the creator: the fabric.

The loom is seen, in this perspective, as the primary vehicle for the construction of cultures and identities. Naming a magazine "The Loom" therefore means assuming these heterodox features.

It is not just a Riopele magazine, but a tool for a constructive dialogue between industry and fashion, consumption and lifestyles.

On the eve of its 95th anniversary, Riopele feels more motivated than ever to continue imagining the future and trying to design it.

Immersed in the complexity of the present time, let yourself be inspired and enjoy the articles of our Loom.

José Alexandre Oliveira
Chairman of the Board of Directors