Something meaningful happens when a company is more than its products.

We create strong bonds with local communities, acting in different areas and needs, such as education, culture, entrepreneurship and support to significant causes, maximizing our positive impact.

We believe that creating a culture of social responsibility requires commitment and action. Throughout our history, we promote initiatives that ensure the development of our community, such as the construction of Bairro Dona Olinda for people in need, the organization of the Riopele Grand Prix in cycling, the foundation of Grupo Desportivo Riopele and the Riopele Private Fire Department Service.

Presently, aware of the relevance and mission that many organizations have in terms of social and community intervention, we support several institutions, such as, for example, Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro, Instituto Português de Sangue and the Ronald McDonald Children’s Foundation.

Through factory tours to the company, we promote contact, exchange of experiences and greater closeness with the leading universities and international technology centres in the fashion industry, contributing to the curricular development of students and their professional future.

At our premises, in partnership with the Municipality of Famalicão, we inaugurated a business incubator, the first in Portugal, to operate in an active industrial context. Since then, we have driven local entrepreneurship and created opportunities for everyone to follow their dreams.

We believe that cooperation inspires innovation.

We encourage the setting of partnerships with research centres, universities and business schools, such as CeNTI (Centre for Nanotechnology and Technical, Functional and Intelligent Materials), Lusíada University – North, Porto Business School and the University of Minho.

We believe that sports act as an essential inclusion factor among young people. For this reason, we have conceded our stadium to Grupo Desportivo Joane, allowing us to offer excellent conditions to more than 200 athletes in training and schools and other local communities.

Within our community, we took part in the Board of the School Grouping Padre Benjamim Salgado. In this context, we have been participating in the annual awards given to the best students of the school, who are part of the Honour Board. We believe that education is an agent for transforming society.

At the cultural level, we sponsor Fundação de Serralves, Fundação Batalha de Aljubarrota and the Fundação Cupertino de Miranda in Vila Nova de Famalicão. We provide assistance to the implementation of various cultural initiatives and events within local communities.