Harmoniously combining chemical and mechanical features, our Finishing department ensures the production of fabrics with an excellent performance in terms of aesthetic qualities, comfort and functionality.

Our Finishing process is divided into three stages: Preparation, Dyeing and Finishing, where we seek to fine-tune the fabric’s colour, touch, gloss, look, and fluidity using various processes.

The Preparation stage is aimed at preparing the greige fabric for the dyeing and finishing process. Equipped with technologically advanced machines, we can remove impurities (from the fibre itself) and wash, bleach, and mercerize the greige fabric, thus giving it new characteristics and properties.

The Dyeing stage is subdivided into discontinuous (exhaust) and continuous dyeing, depending on the fabric. This stage begins in our Colour Lab. Considering the type of material and operation in question, it creates or reproduces a colour, formulating a recipe that guarantees its replicability at the industrial scale. In the next step, the recipe is sent to the Colour Kitchen, equipped with fully automatic machines that manage the entire process of preparation and supply of the recipe for production.

We rely on state-of-the-art machines for the exhaust dyeing subprocess, which guarantees a low liquor ratio, ensuring improved economic and environmental sustainability. For the continuous dyeing subprocess, we have various machines such as Thermosol (Thermosol or Econtrol process) and a dyeing foulard for the Pad-Batch process. These machines and processes ensure the highest technical and quality dyeing standards.

Our Finishing department is equipped with various machines that allow carrying out a wide range of finishing operations, from chemical finishing to mechanical finishing. We highlight the following machines: Stenter Machines, Carding Machines, Calender Machine, Sanfor, Airo 24, KD.

We have a 70-meter-long stenter machine that is the largest machine of its kind in Europe. With 12 chambers, this stenter machine combines production efficiency with excellent energy efficiency, ensuring a continuous production flow, positively impacting delivery time.

Once the Finishing operations are completed, we send samples of all the manufactured fabrics to our Fabric Lab. We control quality through various trials and rigorous tests, meeting all the required quality standards, to check if the result matches the reference values for the material in question (specifications).

Following an internationally certified method accredited by several external entities, most of the tests are carried out twice, as there is the need to test the behaviour of both the warp and the weft. So, the Fabric Lab plays a key role in preventing problems related to the manufacturing process or the using of the garments by consumers.






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