Able to provide a quick, reliable and flexible response to the market demands and operating in a constant balance between innovation and tradition, our Weaving department produces fabrics with a high technical and creative complexity.

At Riopele, the Weaving process is divided into three different stages – Preparation, Weaving and Preliminary Quality Control.

During the Preparation stage, when the warp and weft are prepared, we proceed with the warping of the yarns - using both sectional and direct warping machines -, starching and all the drawing-in operations. We also have four highly technologically advanced sample warping machines, which will quickly develop blankets and samples for our customers.

The Weaving area has 188 weaving machines (64 air-jet looms and 124 rapier looms) distributed across 10 physically isolated units to avoid contamination problems.

This area is also equipped with an innovative technology that integrates an automated quality control system based on computer vision, with the respective software supported by artificial intelligence models, which detects in real-time, at the time of production, defects in each centimetre of the fabric.






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