Riopele rewards employees

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Facing a period involving expansion, even in a climate involving particular business complexity, in late October Riopele rewarded its employees with a wage hike of over 8%. The company Board referred to its “acknowledgement for the collective effort made”. The trade unions applauded the move.

“This is the path to be followed to attract new workers to the sector” in the opinion of Isabel Tavares, the trade union leader of FESETE, in statements to the Público newspaper. Whilst for José Alexandre Oliveira, Riopele wished “to give a clear sign that it’s on the workers’ side”. “We need to give benefits to everyone who’s with us; it is our duty to look after the social side of the company bearing in mind the context we are facing”, stressed the company Chairman.

Riopele currently employs around 1100 workers. Growth of over 20% during the last decade. In late 2021, 63% of the 1083 employees were men, and 37% were women. The mean age of the employees was 41 years old. In addition, 42% of the leadership posts are ensured by female professionals. On average, the employees of Riopele remain with the company for 15 years. And there are 237 (22% of the total) who are currently aged under 30 years old.

Last May, Riopele was also distinguished by Randstad Employer Brand Research as the most attractive textile company to work for in Portugal.