Riopele excels in training efforts

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Riopele’s ambition is to position itself as ‘a leading company in the future of the textile industry, innovative and sustainable, built on transparent and responsible resource management, respect for human rights, and the promotion of technological development.’ To achieve this goal, an unparalleled training program is currently underway. In 2023, the total training hours at surpassed the 50,000-hour mark for the first time, nearly doubling compared to the previous year.

Management, productive innovation, information systems, behavioural and organisational development, languages, and sustainability stand out as critical areas identified by Riopele. For this reason, specific training plans are currently being implemented in these areas.

With a stable workforce of 1,189 employees, comprising 734 men and 455 women, Riopele has successfully attracted a new generation of talent. As a result, the average age of employees stands at 41, one of the lowest in the entire fashion sector in Portugal. Notably, 22% of the workforce is under the age of 30. Additionally, the number of employees with a university degree currently exceeds 12% of the company’s total staff.

‘The emphasis on people is not coincidental; it stands as a key strategic pillar for,’ notes the company's HR manager, adding that, ‘This commitment drives our ongoing efforts to ensure our teams remain highly motivated and deeply involved in achieving the company's results.’

According to Cláudia Queirós, ‘Riopele has been consolidating a strong focus on training and development, with a training plan exceeding 70,000 hours in the past two years. This has translated into a substantial investment in skill enhancement.’

In terms of talent attraction, Riopele's HR manager reveals that ‘2023 was a very positive year, with a 60% increase in applications compared to the previous year, which demonstrates the company's attractiveness.’