New generation of textile solutions presented at ISPO Munich 2020

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Riopele's new generation of textile solutions will be presented by CeNTI at ISPO Munich 2020, which is the leading fair for innovations in technical and sports textiles, to be held between January 26 and 29, 2020.

An eco-friendly approach to odour control is the result of a work developed along with the mobilizer project Texboost - PPS5:AN3, focused on the utilization of new textile solutions with multifunctional properties through the incorporation of waste and by-products of the dairy industry.

This subproject is aimed to respond to one of the major consumer trends, related to ethically and environmentally sustainable attitudes. The PPS5 is based on sustainability and circular economy, using waste and by-products from other industries, as well as the adoption of advanced, efficient and more environmentally friendly technologies.

TexBoost is a structuring project for the Textile Cluster: Technology and Fashion, led by Riopele, which began in 2017. Such a project is comprised of a set of collective research and development initiatives, with key involvement of the textile and clothing industries, but also from other complementary sectors of the economy.

At ISPO Munich 2020, a one-piece yoga bodysuit made of Riopele's Popel’s fabric will be displayed at the stand, which was produced with this new odour-neutralizing property, designed to bring well-being and high comfort to the user.