The Springs

Crisp cotton poplins are folded and manipulated into simple sculptural shapes. Compact and functional cotton for work wear, while smooth-surfaced cotton drills are both utilitarian and contemporary.

Heritage fabrics continue but are lighter in weight, with a fine, polished appearance.

The concept of reconstructed tailoring continues, juxtaposing both stripes and classic checks and altering them in scale, splicing, re-colouring or mismatching to add visual appeal.

Elevated Sports

Fabric juxtapositions also feel new in fluid feminine surfaces worn with technical synthetics, for a glamorous sporty look. Gorgeous bright colour provides a sense of optimism and positivity.

From black trough green, white and red, yellow and hot pink, these near-neon hues intensify the messages for the season.

Neo Nostalgia

For a feminine and effortlessly elegant mood. Super-draped viscose has lustre and sheen, while cotton sateen with heavier weight supports a structural silhouette that enhances daytime looks.

A quiet, minimalist story deserves a sophisticated, yet gentle palette that speaks to the resurgence of the 1980s and 1990s silhouettes.

Luminous pastels of peach, yellow, lime and lilac sit alongside delicate cosmetic hues while white and silver provide an optimistic and modern sense of femininity. Black remains important.

Natural Spirit

Natural linen blends provide a sophisticated look while barely there gossamer layering is perfect as a feminine addition. A warm palette of earth tones grounds this natural range of burnished desert hues and the sunburnt greens of pampas grass.

Pink sand, soft beige, and ginger form the core. Combinations of burnt orange, coral reds and brown or citrus yellow and deep green.

Stripes and checks are recoulored in soft pastel tones and are used to accent dresses and shirts. A mix-and-match look sees micro patterns and bold stripes juxtaposed to dramatic effect.

Springtime Whimsy

Delicate fluid fabrics, light cotton, in a beautiful, unique palette of pastels: colours of lilac, lime-yellow, pink and white sit in perfect harmony with the cosmetic tones of whisper-light neutrals.

Summer Brocades

Plays on colour and shine use the face and reverse, and colourways of the same design or contrasting pattern worn together.

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