The Lake

Minimalism silhouettes are infused with a new, maximalist attitude: statement patterns and sumptuous textiles evolve in clean-lined silhouettes that underpin a sense of refined luxury.

The key takeaway message this season is individuality, with items designed to be mix, match and clash.

A marriage of two extremes is the overriding message for this season, whether it is formal meets causal or minimalism meets maximalist.

This season colletion highlight the historical romanticism theme alongside contemporary purity and urban performance.

Colour palette

A palette of glowing ambers, bright red and cobalt, sharp black, and olive are perfect for the wave of must-have outerwear items, providing a sportier edge to street-style silhouettes.

Navy and graphite grey grounds in smoth calender finishes dominate lightweight tailored ensembles for a conservative city vibe. Flame yarn inclusions and hatched effects update the sober classics.

Rich jewel tones in deep, saturared hues are added to sumptuous fabrics, providing a sense of luxury, while garnet and sapphire are the perfect canvas for fluir silks, gentle crepes, emphasising this trend’s air of opulence.


The resurgence of luxurious satins and viscoses, opulent jacquards are matched by sartorial worsted fabrics, with a marked return to vertical pinstrips and Prince of Wales checks, crafted and menswear and menswear checks, technical fibres and new treatment.

The Lake Editorial