Why choose Riopele?

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Across the industrial textile sector worldwide, there are hundreds of thousands of companies. They all seek the best arguments to prevail in a particularly competitive world. At Riopele, we’re so creative... that we don’t even know where to begin.

1. In fashion

At Riopele, we are radical. We ended with our fabric collections. In an accelerated world, with customers located all over the globe, rather than developing two collections per year, we like to surprise our customers with innovative proposals frequently. We must confess: that the fact that our creative department consists of over 120 professionals... it really does help.

2. Friendly

We usually tell the story of how Riopele has been green since its very first day. This isn’t always true. Sometimes we use our logo in black and white. Such heresies... For a company that has already publicly assumed ambitious targets for sustainability, 80% of products are to be sustainable by 2025. Local production, energy efficiency, reduced water consumption, eliminating waste is not a trend. It’s our way of life… since 1927.

3. Expertise

The textbooks say that the main assets of any company are its people. We sometimes have our doubts :D - (smile elevated to the square as just the one might look like a keyboard error) -, but through means of such questioning, we have strengthened our workforce by 23% over the last decade and today that makes over 1,000 of us. Telling you that over 15% of our employees have college degree and 45% of the leadership roles are held by women is pointless. You already knew that... didn’t you?

4. Vertical integration

We attribute the most tremendous significance to our production process. To this end, we integrated the fields of R&D, Spinning, Dyeing, Twisting, Weaving and Finishing to provide a vertical textile production service. We are rather stubborn about maintaining this enormous structure… This is not any type of control freak disorder… this is our willing about getting the job done.

5. Innovation

They often accuse us that we are to ambitious. We want to be an international reference in the textile sector. To this end, we have invested over 35 million euros since 2012. Don’t get us wrong. Our clients deserve no less... than excellence.

6. Tradition

We attribute great value to tradition. Hence, in 1927, we set down roots in Vila Nova de Famalicão, a small city in the north of Portugal. We are one of the oldest of textile companies in Portugal, specialising in the creation and production of fabrics for fashion and clothing collections. We like our legacy so much... that we make sure to carry it on.