Riopele is the most attractive textile company employer

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Randstad Employer Brand Research has just distinguished Riopele as the most attractive textile company to work for in Portugal. 

At a time when the scarcity of talent is increasingly a challenge for organisations and, for the seventh consecutive year, Randstad inquired a representative sample of the Portuguese population about the 150 largest employers in Portugal, to identify in which criteria the companies are best perceived and which sectors are the most appealing to work in.

In the fashion industry sector, Gabor (Germany) and Ecco (Denmark), two companies from the footwear sector, with foreign capital, are also on the podium, occupying the first and second place, respectively.

Cláudia Queirós recalls that "the distinction of the Randstad Employer Brand Research 2022, which aims to measure the attractiveness of companies among the working population between 18 and 65 years old, placed Riopele in 3rd place in the sector of textile and footwear industry. It is a very significant result, in fact we are the only textile company on the podium".

According to the head of Human Resources of Riopele "a relevant aspect about this study is that it is directed to the general population, at national level, so it is natural that companies that work directly for the final consumer, in the logic of B2C, are better known to the general public than companies producing for other brands, B2B, as is the case of Riopele's business".

"This distinction - Cláudia Queirós continued - shows that even in a period of great demand in terms of hiring, Riopele continues to be an attractive company to work for. It is recognised as a reliable company, innovative and committed to the development of people".

Cláudia Queirós argues that "new strategies and new approaches to attracting and retaining people are currently required". This is, in fact, "one of the great challenges for companies and for the industry in particular". For this reason, "Riopele's focus will be on the development of people and, to this end, a very ambitious training program is already underway that will enable us to strengthen the skills of all employees. "We will develop new strategies in the area of Health and Well-Being, so that Riopele may be considered an increasingly healthy company", reinforces the head of Human Resources at Riopele.

Riopele also distinguished in the "CGIP Index"

Also, in the Consumer Guidance Institute Portugal (CGIP), which focused on the topic of attracting and retaining excellent professionals, using a realistic and reliable approach, Riopele received "a 4-star rating in the Best Employers 2022 study".

The Consumer Guidance Institute Portugal (CGIP) approach encompasses, among others, several aspects: the evaluation of the company by former and current employees, online surveys about the perception of companies, and online presence. In this study, Riopele was considered a company considered by the Portuguese as a fair and equitable employer.

The Consumer Guidance Institute Portugal (CGIP) tests services and products independently and objectively. The main goals of this entity are to "facilitate consumer choice, indicating the best companies, products and services", as well as "allowing companies to improve their customers' experience through independent and objective benchmarking with their main competitors".