Riopele has a new certification

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Riopele has just completed the SURE certification process, which ensures sustainable development and responsible use of solid biomass in the energy sector, contributing tangibly to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

It's worth noting that Riopele has a biomass plant in full operation, covering an area of 900m2, with a storage capacity of 270m2 of forest residue biomass, and a production capacity of 16t/hour. Since it started operating, it has already met 82% of the company's steam needs.

According to José Azevedo, ‘the SURE certification is a valuable tool for promoting environmental responsibility and sustainable development in the energy sector’.

It is essentially a scheme developed to comply with the solid biomass supply chains for the production of electricity, heat, and biogas according to the requirements of the RED II Directive.

The SURE certification offers several significant benefits for the energy sector and the environment, promoting sustainable development. This certification specifically promotes the responsible use of solid biomass, contributing to the sustainability of the energy sector.

The reduction of emissions is another pressing objective, as certified practices are adopted, enabling companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, thereby helping to mitigate climate change. Facilities using different sources of solid biomass must verify and report greenhouse gas emissions. If these emissions can be justified as compliance with sustainability requirements or reductions established in the RED II Directive, the emission factor can be zero.

Additionally, the SURE certification provides added assurances of credibility and trust, as certified companies gain credibility with consumers and partners, demonstrating their commitment to sustainable practices.