Riopele warrants Organic Content Standard certification

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Riopele obtained the Organic Content Standard certification in the second half of 2020, awarded by the Control Union. This certification quantifies the content of organic material in a final textile product, as well as traceability from the raw material production until the product reaches the market.

The Organic Content Standard (OCS 100) certification applies to textile products that contain natural fibres from organic production, between 95% and 100%, thus allowing the integrity and identification of the organic raw material in the final product. Also, OCS 100 certification tracks the product's flow at all stages of the supply chain, through a process verified by an accredited third party.

In this regard, Riopele was issued the Organic Blended Content Standard (OCS Blended) certification, applicable to textile products containing a minimum of 5% organic raw material, in a process where the principles of traceability, the integrity of textile products and their verification by an accredited entity are also ensured.

Thus, this certification represents not only a recognition of the sustainability strategy defined by Riopele’s Board of Directors, but also strengthens a corporate culture of commitment to the principles of product innovation and sustainable development.