CDS-PP leader visits Riopele

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Assunção Cristas, leader of the CDS-PP party, visited Riopele on April 8, 2016, for the "District Day", an initiative that will be taken around the country and had it's starting point in the Braga district.

Accompanied by Ricardo Mendes, vice-president of the Municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão and various CDS-PP figures, the popular leader arrived at Riopele at 5pm, after his visit to the business incubator Famalicão Made INcubar – Indústria.

Assunção Cristas was received at the R & D centre by the Director Bernardino Carneiro who, on behalf of Riopele and its President (absent on a trade mission in the United States), welcomed the entire delegation.

After a brief explanation of the Riopele textile creative and development process, the delegation headed to the Finishing area, starting with the Jets area and Colour Laboratory, followed by the new Stenter Machine, where the centrist leader had the opportunity to touch different textiles and feel the different types of finishing.

There was also a stop at the new office space for the traditional group photo and, finally, the delegation ended their visit in the area of Quality Control.

In addition to Riopele, Assunção Cristas visited other companies in the Braga district on the same day, and as posted on his Facebook page, he was impressed with the dynamism of this region of the country.