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This collection captures the essence of sensuality, sustainability, and gender fluidity. With each meticulously designed piece, Carvalho invites us to embark on a tactile journey, exploring the boundless possibilities of fashion and the power it holds to unite us all.

In this editorial, we unveil an exclusive collection of designer Luís Carvalho's creations, featuring meticulously crafted garments, exemplifying Riopele's commitment to empowering and promoting national designers.

High boots make a bold statement, elongating the wearer's silhouette with their commanding presence.

Embracing the ever-growing demand for sustainability,

Carvalho's collection not only marks a recurrent topic within the industry but also highlights the concept of genderless fashion.

This collection seamlessly intertwines various skin-inspired motifs into each garment. The unifying theme of unity permeates throughout, serving as a powerful message from the designer himself.

Back to School Editorial

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