We live in a time that gave us a time that we didn't have before.

We look for an inspiring path.

We have a vertical factory,
We have a History,
We have a tradition and culture of textile,
We have an archive, an assertive inspiration booster, where I can find all the knowledge of the well done, of the simplicity of the fabrics made with equations, with coefficients, with formulas used by the masters.

I'm looking for real fabrics.
It is the celebration of all creative processes.

They are GENUINE. The surfaces are rich, a woolly look, super structured, basic stitches, classic fabrics with Riopele DNA, inspiring for the oversized look, relaxed, baggy, begging for a chromatic refresh.


There is in the archive the HUMANITY of those who did well. An inspiration for graphic simplicity.

Going through the record of antiquity, we find the evolution of knowledge in the use of a higher percentage of lycra to provide COMFORT and to be used close to the body.

I find brusehd finishes, with fur, flannel, simplifying the tartans in two-colour.


I want EASY-TO-USE proposals.


A masculine style prevails. Pure, clean, diagonal, twill, tone on tone, pinstripes.

I can't find keys or computers, as opposed to the new DIGITAL need. I see pixelization in the old threads, stars this season. Drawing the thread is the new challenge. Bouclés, botones, slubs, mouline, fil-a-fil, grisaille. They are the drawing at the beginning of the manufacturing process, they are the cutting of the raw material.


The shines confront themselves, stand out. The finishes are PROTECTORS. The development of new finishes is essential this season. Glossy to celebrate the shines, C20 for sandy and woolly touches. Multifunctional finishes are very important.


I see a rural romanticism in the tweeds, herringbone, textures, which lead me to a new manufacturing CONSCIOUSNESS, which will also be a new awareness in the purchase.

This time, gave us time for, in this collection, Riopele to offer its best.

The knowing of how to do it well.

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