Competence and Commitment



In Riopele we are not only committed to quality, design and supremacy of produced fabrics. We also strive, with pride, in building relationships of excellence. We are aware that Riopele’s brand value is built in and out of doors.

Working conditions and social benefits; respect for human rights, workers and the environment; fulfillment of commitments with suppliers, customers, the surrounding community and the state are essential aspects for which the Riopele Group fights constantly.

Our value lies also in our relations.

Collaborating, we evolve and share success.



Committed to the challenges of modernity, Riopele positions herself to deepen ties with the market leaders and worldwide reference brands, jointly developing solutions that enable excellence in exceeding the expectations of the end user.

With a department entirely dedicated to product development, attentive to the needs and trends of the markets in which it operates, Riopele presents collections, all seasons, which translate into Innovation, Fashion and Quality.

Honoring its 85 years of history, Riopele accomplishes its management programs with a view to the future and the deepest respect for the core values ??that have accompanied along their business journey: tradition, innovation, respect for the customer, environmental commitment and social responsibility.