A/W 16 Collection

S/S 17 Collection

Riopele A/W 16 collection explores beautiful and precise sartorial cuts, providing a contemporary edge. It’s above all defined by its rich, complete and luxurious fabrics.

To create an unpleasant visual impression when placed together: colors and fabrics that clash.

CLASH Textiles :

  • Worsted and carded wools, brushed surfaces, extra-weft tweeds either in plain or in twill with outsized herringbone, Prince of Wales or speckle pattern.
  • Dense constructions padded and quilted constructions that are unexpectedly light.
  • Viscose filaments, polyester inclusions, jacquard designs.

A dark and rich palette is juxtaposed with the infusion of bright and pastel.

CLASH Colours :

  • Deep burgundy, scarlet red, smoked rose, dark espresso, bright orange, gold moss.
  • Off-white shades, sand tones, hues of grey, classic navy and forest green.

CLASH Patterns :

  • Abstract forms, geometric graphics, linear checks, macro checks, wallpaper jacquards.